Athlos Academy of Utah

Athlos Academy of Utah FAQs

Q. Are Athlos teachers going to be licensed?
A. Yes, we can assure you that all of our teachers will hold a valid teaching license. We pride ourselves on finding top quality educators and cast our search net far and wide to find the best. 
Q. Will you be able to provide for students with special needs?

A. We will have a fully operating special education department from day one. If your student has special needs, we look forward to meeting with you to make sure we have an effective and thoughtful individual education plan in place.

Q. How much homework will our children receive?

A. We have developed clear homework guidelines that can be found in our family handbook posted online. You will see that time expectations start out very minimally in kindergarten and increase as students get older. 

Q. Will you have extracurricular sports?

A. Our extracurricular activities, including sports, will be created based on parent and student interest. As an educational institution built with the purpose of serving you, we are looking forward to gathering your input to develop a robust set of offerings. You can expect to see more requests for information coming your way soon.

Q. How do you plan to care for kids with food allergies and issues like diabetes?

A. We are very mindful and sensitive to the health issues of our students at Athlos Academy. When you fill out our registration packet, it is extremely important to indicate these kind of issues so we can make appropriate accommodations. Each child's situation will be considered carefully, and plans to ensure their safety and well-being will be developed accordingly. Things like allergy-free lunch seating or office visits for medication administration will be offered as needed.

Q. Will Fridays be "short" days?

A. Because we have an effective and well-structured three-pillar curriculum that we believe is vital to addressing the needs of the whole child, we need the full amount of time possible to work with our students. This means that we will not be having "short" days on Fridays.

Q. Will the children's weight and measurements be public, for everyone to see? I don't want my child to experience humiliation.

A. Student data in the athletic performance program is collected and kept confidential in the same manner as with academic assessment data. It is not displayed for others to see. Students are pulled aside individually to collect this data to ensure the highest amount of confidentiality. Students are not routinely weighed.

Q. My student struggles with body image issues/is overweight/isn't really "sporty.” Will they fit in at Athlos?

A. The purpose of the Healthy Body pillar is to create a lifelong love of being physically active, help students value their personal health, and support them in thinking about their nutritional choices. We believe that through the strength of the Athlos program, our students will develop initiative to live active, fit, and healthy lives. This program is for all our children; those who are secure in their own bodies and are sports oriented, and those who struggle with physical activity and wellness.
Q. How do we order uniforms and what if we need to make returns?

A. Uniforms can be purchased through our online store. To make purchases, or get details on making returns, please go to the school website here. Please also consult the uniform FAQ section for further information.

Q. Will there be more chances to try on uniforms, to see what sizes we need and what styles we prefer?

A. Yes, we will soon be getting temporary office space to use until our building is open. As soon as that happens, we will have regular open office hours where you may come in and look at uniforms.

Q. Will there be a cafeteria? Will you be offering breakfast and lunch?

Yes. Athlos Academy of Utah has a cafeteria area and a full kitchen. This year we will be contracting with a local provider for both a breakfast and lunch program (more details will be provided soon). The cost should be comparable to the local district schools, and there will be an opportunity to fill out free and reduced paperwork for those families who need assistance. 

Q. What can my child wear for outerwear?

A. Outerwear such as coats, scarves, boots etc. are not regulated. Students can wear any outerwear that they choose to and from school, and outside on the playground, as long as it displays no offensive words or images.

Q. Can my child wear leggings under their skort?

A. Solid black leggings or tights may be worn with the skort.

Q. Are there any specifications on the type of backpack my child can bring to school?

A. Any kind of backpack may be brought to school, as long as it displays no offensive words or images.

Q. Can my child wear outerwear in the classroom?

A. For second layers, students can wear a cardigan, zip-front jacket in solid colors only (no prints or patterns on jackets worn in class, preference is solid black or school colors. The Athlos logo jackets are available from the website.

Q. What if the uniforms do not fit my child?

A. If you are having issues with sizing for your child’s uniform, please call the office for other options.

Q. Can my child wear clothing under their uniform?

A. Students may wear solid colored, long sleeve black or white shirts under their Athlos shirt if they need an extra layer for warmth.