Athlos Academy Utah

Middle School at Athlos

Athlos Academy of Utah is now offering middle school. Beginning fall 2017, Athlos Academy serves students in grades K–7 and will continue to add middle-school grades in the coming years.


Athlos offers the real middle school experience and more. Download our flyer for more information!


Middle school electives for 2017-2018 will be available to grades six and seven. Find the list of available electives here. 


  • Qualified and caring educators: Our expanding and skilled middle-school teaching team understands how to fully engage students so they are excited to learn. Support from our teaching professionals challenges and supports our students so they may reach a high level of achievement.
  • Preparation for college mathematics: More than just memorization and the use of algorithms, the Athlos middle-school math program prepares students with the math skills and deep understanding needed to build upon in college. Our curriculum closes the well-known gap between grade-school mathematics and college expectations.
  • Hands-on science experience to prepare students for the real world: Athlos Academy is equipped with up-to-date and innovative science labs, lessons, and materials. By using an inquiry-based approach to science teaching, students learn through doing, experimenting and growing as prepared problem solvers.
  • Competitive sports: Middle school students will have the opportunity to try out for after-school competitive sports offered through the UCSSAL (Utah Charter and Small Schools Athletic League). Talk to our coaches for more details! More information is available in the Athlete Handbook here.
  • Daily participation in athletic movement class: In our new, state-of-the-art facilities, students take part each day in age-appropriate physical activity, creating healthy habits to last a lifetime.
  • Small class sizes: Overcrowding is a huge problem at many middle schools. Athlos limits class sizes at around 25 students, meaning teachers are able to pay attention to individual student learning.
  • Electives to expand growing minds and growing interests: Athlos Academy of Utah will offer a range of exciting elective classes to assure our students are interested and engaged in a wide-variety of subjects.
  • Student leadership opportunities: Athlos Academy creates the ideal environment and culture to foster students on a trajectory to future success in high school, career, and community positions of leadership.
  • No schedule juggling: All students at Athlos begin and end school at the same time, as well as having the same school calendar year, making family scheduling much more convenient.