4th Grade Costume Ideas

Costume Ideas

(Must follow Athlos dress code ie. shoulders and midriff covered)

Students may dress up as either a Mountain Man, Pioneer or Native American Indian. Our goal is to be as historically accurate as possible, but please don’t feel like you need to go out and buy something. Most of these can be found around the house or borrowed from a neighbor but as a last resort, students are welcome to simply wear their Athlos uniform.

Mountain Man


Long pants and coat, leather & furs hanging all over, fur or felt hat. Empty holsters and leather belts. Leather pouches.


GIRLS: Long cotton dress/skirt, button-up shirt, bonnet or straw hat,

BOYS: Long pants, button-up shirt, boots, straw or cowboy hat, suspenders

Native American Indian

Long dress/pants in either cotton or leather, braids, beads or feathers in hair (not standing straight up), beads or turquoise jewelry, moccasins. No face paint, headdress (of any kind) or “Pocahontas” style outfits (as that isn’t historically accurate).

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