5th Grade U.S. History Program

American flag with Eagle

Program and Outfit Info

Date: TBD (May 2020)

Time: TBD

What: 5th U.S. History Program

What to wear: Students should come to school in their nice outfit. This is like we did for Christmas (the nicest, non-formal outfit they have), but rather than Christmas colors, they should accent with red, white, and/or blue. As a last resort, students may wear their Athlos uniform. Students MUST bring their uniform and gym shoes to change into because they will be doing assessments during Athletics that day.

(Must follow Athlos dress code ie. shoulders and midriff covered)


Whole Group Songs

Armed Forces Salute  https://youtu.be/ayJYFshxgsA

Schoolhouse Rock-The Preamble https://youtu.be/yHp7sMqPL0g

Tour the States https://youtu.be/_E2CNZIlVIg

Fifty Nifty United States https://youtu.be/WhDrGnjacvA

The Star Spangled Banner https://youtu.be/z8Rf7beku_4

Small Group Songs

I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

Lyrics IveBeenWorkingOnRailroad

Music with words https://emedia.uen.org/courses/i-ve-been-workin-on-the-railroad/view

Music without words https://emedia.uen.org/courses/if-you-re-happy-instrumental/view

(I found the right one! It’s listed as a different song though, but it’s the right audio file)


Simple Gifts

Lyrics SimpleGifts

Music with words https://emedia.uen.org/courses/simple-gifts/view

Music without words https://emedia.uen.org/courses/simple-gifts-instrumental/view

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