8 Ways to Support Your Child’s Education During COVID-19

8 Ways to Support Your Child’s Education During COVID-19

Despite the restrictions due to COVID-19, there are still plenty of ways families can be more involved in their student’s education and support the school throughout the rest of the school year!

Parents who are more involved in their student’s education are more aware of their child’s academic performance, school events, and future educational opportunities that will give them an edge in life.

Whether your child is attending on-campus or through distance learning, Athlos has compiled a few simple ways you can support your students’ education.

Take a temperature check

We mean this both literally and figuratively.

Student safety is our number one priority. We encourage families to wear face coverings and follow safety guidelines provided by local health districts. Please be aware of the health of individual family members and alert the school if your student shows any symptoms of the coronavirus.

Just as it’s important to maintain physical health, both parents and students should take time to maintain mental health as well. There are many ways to manage anxiety and stress as a family. These can include sports, exercise, meditation, hobbies, and more. In cases of severe anxiety and stress, seek professional help. Many schools have counselors and other resources available to help families manage anxiety and stress.

Talk with your student for 15 minutes every day

By taking the time out of a busy schedule to talk with your student, you are assuring them that they can talk to you about successes and challenges in their daily learning. Need some specific conversation prompts? Check out our Performance Character PDF handouts, made especially for Athlos parents.

We also have put together a Performance Character trait bingo card with trait related activities students can do at home. Download it here.

Donate items your school can use

Whether students are learning on-campus and online from home, our teachers and students still have many unique needs. Items can range from pencils, books, paperclips, and more. Contact your teacher or school office to learn what you can donate to help benefit student education.

Attend and participate in your school’s PTO meetings

The PTO has made a special impact on student education this school year and the school and still has many volunteer opportunities. The PTO is made up of a group of parents and teachers independent to the school who organize and facilitate events to enrich students’ educational experience.

Make your voice heard by participating in these meetings to make a difference in your school’s culture.

Visit the PTO page for more information.

Assist your child’s teacher in class projects at home

Teachers are always thrilled to receive help from their students’ parents, especially while distance learning. Class projects can include putting together kits at home for other students, promoting school events online, and connecting to other families on social media. Reach out to your child’s teacher about volunteer opportunities and needs.

Talk with your student’s teachers often

Athlos is aware of the potential impact this school year will have on student academic progress. Instead of waiting until conferences to evaluate your student’s needs, we encourage parents to make appointments with teachers outside the regular schedule to better understand how you can aid your student’s educational needs.

Whether you feel that your child is falling behind or isn’t being challenged enough, please reach out to your students’ teacher.

Read for at least 20 minutes with your student every day

This simple act can help your student move from learning to read to reading to learn by third grade. Below are some resources especially for Athlos families:

If your student would like to read along with a book, they can read along with a teacher on the Tuck-in-Tuesday book list.

Participate in school board meetings

Parents can still attend board meetings virtually. Board meetings allow you the opportunity to interact with and discuss school decisions with the school board members. Visit the governing board page for the date of the next board meeting.


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