Executive Director

Reports to: Chief of Schools

Compensation: DOE

Duties and Responsibilities

Staff Management

  • Mentors, recruits and/or retains high-quality teachers and staff, terminates when necessary
  • Oversees professional development of all teachers and staff
  • Observes all classes regularly; oversees and assesses the performance of all school employees
  • Holds employee evaluation conferences based on records of performance observations
  • Ensures collaboration and team building among staff
  • Manages conflicts and relations between school employees skillfully
  • Oversees employee screening measures to ensure that each employee has undergone an appropriate


  • Evaluates instructional program effectiveness; develops and enforces policies and procedures
  • Ensures implementation of instructional strategies, classroom management, and communication
  • Ensures effective, research-based professional development is provided and implemented
  • Monitors special projects accountability timelines and coordinates timely completion
  • Collaborates with staff for united school improvement plan
  • Monitors, directs, and implements the administration of assessments
  • Monitors and analyzes student performance assessment data preparing reports as needed for various special projects (i.e., after school program, summer school)
  • Oversees special education program implementation and compliance
  • Analyzes student achievement data, draws logical conclusions and prepares comprehensive reports
  • Holds and attends parent/teacher/student conferences, open houses, and other parent and community events


  • Abides by all state and federal laws that apply to charter schools and charter policy
  • Ensures there is proper documentation on operations of charter programs to develop an accurate budget
  • Maintains fiscal control; report accurate fiscal information
  • Ensures smooth operation of school facilities, school finance and risk management, including appropriate procurement of insurance policies
  • Ensures school-wide compliance with all policies and procedures
  • Attends all required governing board and state meetings; attend other meetings and training that provide legal guidance
  • Participates in the school’s annual fiscal audit and oversees the preparation of the school’s annual budget, annual financial and annual program reports
  • Ensures school safety by performing fire drills and other drills
  • Preparation of financial and statistical documents and reports
  • Ensures school facilities are managed effectively; oversees facilities to ensure maintenance provides a clean and safe school
  • Requires students to demonstrate positive behaviors aligned with the school’s vision and mission

Public Relations

  • Establishes rapport with parents, students, school staff, and Athlos Academy board of directors
  • Coordinates with the school’s parent organization to increase parental involvement within the school
  • Builds positive relations with state education departments, other charter schools, and school districts
  • Works pro-actively to maintain community partnerships and positive public relations that showcases the school’s success


  • Upholds and enforces board policy, administrative procedures, and school rules and regulations, and is supportive of these in communications with students, parents, and the public at large
  • Works cooperatively with parents and teaching mentors to strengthen the educational program
  • Oversees overall school operations
  • Promotes and maintains a positive and effective school climate by ensuring that all interactions with staff, students, parents, and the public at large are prompt, efficient, helpful and friendly
  • Maintains regular communication with Athlos Academies (education service provider)


  • At least 3–5 years of successful school leadership experience
  • State of Utah Administrative/Supervisory License or administrative license from another state that is transferrable to Utah required

Educational Background 

  • Master’s in Education Administration or related field required

How to Apply

Submit the following to hr@athlosacademies.org.

  1. Resume
  2. Application