Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Grade 9 beginning in the 2019-2020 school year

Middle school is an important time for any student. The Athlos middle school experience is quite different than the typical middle school experience.

Classroom Atmosphere

Qualified and skilled teachers. Everybody knows your name. Daily team building huddles.
Impersonal setting where your child is barely known by their teachers.

School Environment

Develop meaningful lasting friendships in a smaller environment.
An environment where bullying and gossip are the norm.

Sports & Nutrition

State-of-the-art athletic facilities. After school sports. Trained by professional coaches on a daily basis in athletic movement class. Nutritious food served for breakfast and lunch.
No competitive sports teams. Long stretches of time with NO physical activity. Poor quality food options.

Leadership Opportunities

Many accessible student leadership and service learning opportunities.
Difficult to be selected for opportunities due to the high numbers of students.

School Uniforms

Your student can focus on their academics because they are not distracted by trying to make fashion statements.
Fashion is distraction.


If you have younger and older students, they attend school in the same building and on the same schedule.
Juggling your students’ schedules in different schools can be challenging.