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Pillars of Performance

The Athlos Edge

Academic testing, college admissions, and  globalization of the work force - it's a competitive world out there. It's our job to get students ready. At Athlos Academy of Utah, we set our course to prepare students for the future with unique school advantages.

Performance Edge

A concept we call “Performance Character” is the foundation that makes Athlos Academy of Utah different from any other school. Athlos students will identify, understand, and practice 12 character traits that research links to lifelong achievement. We integrate these traits into academic lessons and teach them through athletic experiences on the turf. When students leave Athlos Academy of Utah, they will have the skills essential for a well-rounded, competitive future.

On the Cutting Edge of School Culture

Even from the outside, it’s clear Athlos Academy of Utah is not a conventional public school. Our facility is designed to be a place where students can excel. Our classrooms feature state-of-the-art technologies. Our faculty use innovative teaching tools and methods. Our fitness facilities and exercise room add to an environment where students can develop an appreciation for learning, health, and success.

Curriculum Edge

At Athlos Academy of Utah, we teach students using three distinct yet complementary curricula: Prepared MindHealthy Body,  and Performance Character. Each has specific objectives for a child's age and grade level. Unlike other schools, the Athlos program measures your child's progress across all three areas.