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BMI Information

BMI is measured as part of our Healthy Body pillar because it is an easy and accurate way to evaluate overall health. It is collected intermittently throughout the year, and parents/guardians and students are informed about the process and procedure for BMI collection. Information is sent to parents/guardians (electronic and hard copy) in February, along with a form that parents could return if they did not want their children measured. Students are given an informative presentation prior to BMI testing that explains there are all different body shapes and sizes and what matters is a healthy lifestyle. Students individual measurements are not shared or announced.

Family Handbook

Please read the Athlos Academy of Utah Family Handbook.

Athlos Academy of Utah School-Parent Compact

According to the Utah State Board of Education a school-parent compact is a written agreement between the school and the parents of children participating in Title I, Part A programs that identifies the activities that the parents, the entire school staff, and the students will undertake to share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement.  In addition, the school-parent compact outlines the activities that the parents, school staff, and students will undertake to build and develop a partnership to help the children achieve to the State’s high academic standards.


Understanding your Child's Report Card

Please read the report card documents below to find out more about Athlos Academy of Utah's report cards and grading.



Student Data Security

Please read the documents linked below to better understand Athlos Academy of Utah's procedures for student data security.


Attendance Awareness

Did you know that missing just two days of school per month adds up to missing a total of 10 percent of the school year? Students with high attendance rates score higher on tests and are more likely to graduate than their peers who miss two or more days per month. Being present in class is a huge predictor of student success.


Carson Smith Scholarship 

The Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship provides tuition assistance for qualified students with disabilities enrolled in eligible private schools. This program is administered through the Utah State Board of Education, and this notice is for informational purposes only. To participate in this program, students and schools must meet eligibility requirements established in Utah law and Utah State Board of Education Administrative Rules.
Click here to learn more about the Carson Smith Scholarship.