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    September 10, 2018

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Coach Dan Price


About Dan Price

Dan Price studied kinesiology at Michigan State University before joining MSU’s youth community outreach program, Spartan Performance. During his time at Spartan Performance, Price worked with several hundred young athletes in a variety of settings, including physical education, club and school sports, and at a sports performance clinic.

Price has implemented an evidence-based philosophy similar to the Athlos Healthy Body curriculum to enhance movement and sport skills, while reducing injury risk and promoting healthy habits. His professional goals include working with stakeholders to promote holistic athletic development in schools and communities across the country.

His favorite thing about working with young athletes is providing them opportunities to empower one another. “To me, there is nothing better than watching an athlete master a skill and then seeing them turn around and help their peers or teammates learn that same skill,” he said. “It’s about being a leader with your actions, not just your words.”

Fun Facts about Coach Price

Price is an avid baseball fan and enjoys spending his free time hiking, biking, and trying new activities.

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