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    August 4, 2021

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    October 13, 2021

Coach Jason Rojas


About Coach Rojas

Jason Rojas earned his Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Biola University and his Master of Science in Sports Management from American Military University. Additionally, Jason completed his Certificate Program in Educational Leadership from the University of Houston in Victoria. Jason has thirteen years of teaching and nine years of coaching experience in middle and high school across four states.

“I believe that my best quality as an educator is having empathy for others,” he said. “I try to imagine what it is like to walk in the shoes of a particular student, parent, or even a fellow teacher. Being a human is hard work, and we are all doing the best that we can.”

Favorite Performance Character Trait: Optimism

“The Performance Character trait that most resonates most with me is optimism,” Jason said. “I wasn’t always like this, but of late, I have tried to practice serenity, which is simply embracing what is. When I can embrace reality and see it through the eyes of gratitude, I find that I am happier and better able to see challenges as opportunities for growth.”

Fun Facts about Coach Rojas

• Coach Rojas is the husband of one and father of four.
• He was a commissioned officer in the US Navy.
• He loves hiking.
• He thinks that happiness is found around a table with family and friends.

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