Justin Williams

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    August 9, 2019

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    November 24, 2020

Mr. Justin Williams


About Mr. Williams

Justin Williams received his bachelor’s degree in elementary education in grades K–6 and an associate’s degree in culinary arts.

When it comes to his best quality as an educator, Williams said, “I feel my positive attitude is a great attribute to help me in teaching. I also have patience to help me through the really trying days. If at first we do not succeed, we shall try, try, again.”

Favorite Performance Character Trait: Grit & Optimism

“I rise to meet whatever challenge comes my way.  Hard things are hard, but there is nothing you can not do if you try,” he said. “I am very optimistic. I believe that anything is possible. It may not be very likely, but you can not succeed if you do not try. Failing is not a negative, but a positive. It lets you know you just need to try again until you get it right.”

Fun Facts about Mr. Williams

Q: What are three fun facts about you?

  • When time allows, skiing is my favorite sport to participate in and hockey is my favorite sport to watch live.
  • Anything Disney is my favorite thing. Whether it is Disneyland or Disney World, they are both equally awesome.
  • I love ice cream. It is the best dessert ever created.

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