Matthew Farnsworth

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    July 26, 2021

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Mr. Farnsworth

Jr. High ELA & SS Teacher
- 7th Grade Computer Science
- 8th Grade Computer Science
- 9th Grade Computer Science
- Elective: Computer Science

About Mr. Farnsworth

Mr. Farnsworth is a doer. He loves to learn how to do new things. His interests include general construction, finish carpentry, electronics, mechanics, computers, getting outdoors, and having fun! At heart, he is an engineer who wants to learn about the world around him and learn how to make it a better place.

Mr. Farnsworth comes from a background of hard workers and fun lovers. He worked various jobs while going to school. He began his studies exploring the many types of engineering and ultimately decided to focus on computer science. Working with computers can sometimes be frustrating, but when the program works, it is exciting. He says when you learn how to program, it is rewarding to see the change you make to your project.

When he is not learning or building, Mr. Farnsworth enjoys backpacking, playing with his daughter, and playing games (this includes the occasional video game).

Favorite Performance Character Trait: Curiosity

Mr. Farnsworth’s favorite Performance Character trait is curiosity. “I consider myself someone curious about how the world works,” he said. “I believe that everyone can be great learners as we focus on being curious and interested in the world around us. Being curious can open many doors that would never have been available before, one of them may just be the thing that makes you tick.”

Fun Facts about Mr. Farnsworth

• Mr. Farnsworth does side work as a handyman and small construction (he enjoys building and improving things).
• He has a bad habit of not always finishing books. He likes to read but sometimes starts too many at once.
• He doesn’t like the cold, his favorite seasons are late spring and early fall.
• He enjoys cooking, especially baking sweets.

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