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    October 9, 2018

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Coach Nick Grundhauser


About Coach G.

Nick Grundhauser attended the University of Utah where he received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in exercise and sports science.

During his first year at Athlos Academy of Utah, Grundhauser’s goals include building strong personal relationships with his students so he can assist them in reaching their maximum potential.

As an educator, Grundhauser says his best quality is his excitement to teach. “I get very excited about teaching, and I think my students pick up on that, which gets them excited,” he said.

Favorite Performance Character Trait: Grit

When it comes to the 12 Performance Character traits Athlos teaches, grit resonates most with Grundhauser. “I believe that grit is essential for a person to overcome failures that they might experience in their life,” he said.

Fun Facts about Coach G.

Q: What are three things about you most people don’t know?

  • I was a nationally ranked racquetball player in high school.
  • I had the privilege to coach snowboarding in the Special Olympics World games in Nagano, Japan.
  • I have summited every major peak on the Wasatch front.

Q: What is your favorite type of physical activity?
A: I am an avid runner; I specifically love trail running.

Q: What was your favorite childhood book?
A: “The Hobbit.”

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