Stacy Tonozzi

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    July 7, 2020

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Ms. Stacy Tonozzi


About Ms. Tonozzi

Mrs. Tonozzi has a varied educational background and has acquired many experiences over her last fifteen years of teaching. She has taught in special education, intervention, traditional, and even community college classrooms. In addition, she has coached many summer programs to help students explore, build, and innovate within environmental sciences. During these summer programs, Mrs. Tonozzi advised student-led projects to create ideas to better tomorrow’s problems.

“If you do nothing, nothing happens. So explore now, create for tomorrow, and innovate for the future!”

Favorite Performance Character Trait: Optimism

Mrs. Tonozzi’s favorite character trait is optimism. “Optimism is my most powerful tool. I can truly find the best of things out of each day to help make tomorrow better,” She said. “I strive for positivity and thrive on optimism. I believe optimism is an attitude and a choice. It involves context and focus. I am committed to finding things I can contribute to, work on and improve.”

Fun Facts about Ms. Tonozzi

  • Mrs. Tonozzi has two adult children aged 19 and 21 who are both attending Utah State University.
  •  She has two adorable dogs named Lenny and Antone.
  •  She loves fly fishing!
  •  Mrs. Tonozzi also works as a professional artist!
  •  She and her family love the outdoors and enjoy spending much of fall and springtime UTVing around Utah.

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