Wayne Murray

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    August 8, 2019

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Mr. Wayne Murray

Math Teacher
- 5th Grade Math
- 5th Grade Homeroom

About Mr. Murray

Wayne Murray received his bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Utah State University. With more than eight years of teaching experience, Murray has worked with a wide variety of students on various subjects including math, reading, and STEM subjects.

When asked about his best quality as an educator, Murray said “What I enjoy most about teaching is the moment when a student makes the connection and fully understands something they didn’t get before. I believe that my best quality as a teacher is the ability to put my students first and building trust.”

Favorite Performance Character Trait: Initiative

“I want students to take some initiative and responsibility for their own education,” said Murray. “I would like for them to come up with solutions that will enable them to be successful instead of excuses.”

Fun Facts about Mr. Murray

Q:What are three things most people don’t know?

  • I got caught in a chimney and the fire department had to rescue me.
  • While hiking in Yellowstone I watched a grizzly bear and three wolves fight over an elk carcass.
  • The last two times I went pheasant hunting I got shot.

“I enjoy an adventure,” said Murray. “I would rather do something than have something. Some of my favorite things to do are kayaking, white water rafting, and finding wildlife. I have three children: Nicholas (16), Gwenyth (13), and Thea (10). I have a wonderful wife of 18 years, Tina.”

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