College and Career Readiness Words of the Week – September 9, 2019

Words of the Week

Please help students complete their vocabulary notebooks using the following words and definitions. They will be tested on Friday.

  1. job skills: skills needed to find, obtain, and keep a job
  2. résumé: a document used and created by a person to present his or her background, skills, and accomplishments
  3. evaluate: to think about and make a decision about a matter
  4. write/revise: to write and then make changes, as in résumé writing
  5. apply (for a job): 1) to fill out the information on an application form
  6. follow-up: contact a company or person to monitor the job application process
  7. network: to talk to others or meet in groups in order to find more information about a job
  8. prepare (for a job interview): make ready by practicing answering and creating questions
  9. interview: a meeting of people where questions are exchanged and answered
  10. power statement: a statement that provides information that convinces the other person
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