Digital Literacy Words of the Week – September 9, 2019

Words of the Week

Please help students complete their vocabulary notebooks using the following words and definitions. They will be tested on Friday.

  1. digital citizen: one who shows responsibility in an open digital world, such as the internet
  2. security: using systems designed to securely protect information
  3. privacy: the right to control one’s own information and keep it private
  4. data: information
  5. intellectual property: a work or invention to which one has rights
  6. copyright: the legal right given to the creator of a work such as art, music, technology, and so forth
  7. plagiarism: the intentional or unintentional act of using someone else’s work without permission
  8. cyberbullying: the use of electronic communication to harm someone by texting or other means
  9. perpetrator: a person who carries out a harmful, illegal, or immoral act
  10. victim: a person on the receiving end of a harmful, illegal, or immoral act



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