Fun Activities to Get Your Family Outside This Spring

Help your family fight the cabin fever by taking advantage of the warmer weather! Here are a few fun and unique activities students can do with their families to learn, move, and explore this spring.

Visit a local nursery. Find one of the many local nurseries in our area and learn about a special kind of flower or plant that requires planting at the beginning of the year. If possible, take this plant home to grow in your yard or planter.

trails and hills in spring

Go plogging. While you’re out around town or on nearby community’s trails, consider going “plogging,” which is to jog while picking up trash. This is a great opportunity for your family to serve the community while picking up garbage that had accumulated throughout the winter.

Go explore local paths and trails. Run, bike or hike away the cabin fever on our community’s many trails around Herriman.

Go on a discovery walk. If you’re looking for more of a casual walk filled with observation and exploration, you can visit some nearby nature preserves and gardens, such as the Galena-Soónkahni Preserve, the Audubon Gillmor Sanctuary, the Cougar Park Nature Preserve, and The Cove at Herriman Springs.

Join a community garden. A community garden allows family members of all ages to learn how to care of different plants, maintain schedules, and teaches responsibility. Herriman has a community garden available for interested residents.

Prepare for summer. If weather doesn’t permit, make a list of trails you want to walk, bike, or hike within 30 minutes of your home. Tuck these away to do when conditions permit.

Butterflies in springPlay a game of shadow tag. This activity requires at least two people, a sunny day, and wide-open area like a large backyard or local park. The goal is to tag the other person’s shadow with your feet. This game is perfect for young children and is more fun when played around mid-day with several participants.

Observe butterflies. Get up close and personal with butterflies at the butterfly exhibit at our local aquarium. This exhibit is only open during certain times of the year, so it’s important to keep in an eye on their website for available dates and times.

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