Fun Music Stuff, all grades

Music Resources

Here is a great resource for music learning!

This link includes several categories for music learning including, music history, styles of music, different instruments, and other fun games. I’ve also included some of my favorite links in the sections below. A huge shout out to Marissa for discovering and sharing this site with us! Thank you to Ms. Price and her students for sharing the joy and discovery of music with us!

Music Composition

Here are some fun websites to make your own music!


Styles of Music

Music comes in many different styles. Can you hear the differences?


Music-Related Videos

Check out these cool music-related videos!

This is the same guy playing 21 different instruments! Over the course of 18 months, he learned all 21 instruments and played the entire HOLST Second Suite in F, by himself. This is amazing!

Are you missing Disneyland? The Dapper Dans usually sing on Main Street in Disneyland but since they can’t, they sang a version of  “When You Wish Upon a Star” from their homes. Absolutely beautiful!

Boomwhackers are just what they sound like: they are tubes of plastic that make a boom-like sound when you whack them. Enjoy!


Music Theory

What exactly is music and how does it work? Find out in the videos below!


Instrument Families

Here are a few videos with an overview of all the different types of instruments:




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