Gotcha Store Reward

Gotcha Store

The fifth grade history classes have earned a “Gotcha Store” for their Gotcha tickets.  Gotchas are given for students who are following classroom and school rules, exhibiting good character traits, are listening and participating in class, and in special contests and rewards.  The store also builds a basis for our economics unit in the spring.

The store will be during the last part of History class on Friday, October 18th.

Students may bring or create items to sell.  Students are not required to bring items.  Items should be pre-approved by a parent or guardian to make sure no family heirlooms or sibling toys are included.  Initialing or signing the paper sent home on Friday, Oct 11 indicates what the student has brought has your approval. (You may also send a written note if paper is lost.)  Items that cannot be brought to the store: anything resembling a weapon or having weaponry involved; candy; gum; anything with obscenity or slurs; and any food item brought must be pre-packaged (ingredient lists are helpful for kids with allergies).

Anything bought or traded or brought must be taken out of the classroom at the end of class.

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