Ms. Floyd’s Valetine’s Information

I have talked to the class about this particular holiday.  Fifth grade is the awkward year of moving away from class valentines and going into middle school with just friends and special valentines.  We discussed that they are moving into the part of life where they will not always get a valentine and that is okay.  There were some very relieved faces. We will not be making boxes for valentines.  I will have white bags for students to decorate if they want to at the party.  Students may choose to bring valentines or small items for the class but it is not required though it is welcomed.  For those who wish to do so, I will provide a list of student names.  If a student would like to give a friend or “special friend” a valentine, please have them do that before or after school.  If you would like to help with the Valentine’s Day party on that Friday, please contact me or our great room mom, Amanda Sanovich –

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