PC in Action Courage/Grit Project

During the weeks of December 9th and December 16th, your student will be presenting their person of Courage/Grit during their scheduled PC in Action class.  Students are currently signing up for their presentation days.  You are more than welcome to attend your student’s presentation.  Students should have in their possession a paper giving the criteria for the project.  They received this before Thanksgiving.  The project is due on the day they present so dates may vary.  Please talk to your student about which day they signed up for.  For quick reference, here is the criteria for the project:

Create a poster showcasing your person

Name of person

Picture of person

Mini bio:  one page telling us why this a person of grit or courage, what obstacles they overcame, what they accomplished, and what you found inspiring                                             about them and learned from them.  (typed or very neatly written)

Optional:  other pictures related to the person, artwork, highlights of life besides your summary


Present your person to the class.

Stand and give a brief presentation (3-5 minutes) to the class

Answer any questions you are able.


We will be spending this week working on speaking tips and practicing speaking with small groups of students.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to email me.




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