Stacy Tonozzi Honored with Distinguished Educator Award

Stacy Tonozzi distinguished educator

In June, two educators from Athlos schools in Utah and Louisiana were chosen as recipients of the Athlos Distinguished Educator Award. Each was chosen based on their excellence in exemplifying the three Pillars of Performance at Athlos Academy: Prepared Mind, Healthy Body, and Performance Character. The two educators are: Stacy Tonozzi, Athlos Academy of Utah, Herriman, UT and Larry Bridges, Athlos Academy of Jefferson Parish, Terrytown, LA.

Mrs. Tonozzi is a fourth-grade teacher at Athlos Academy of Utah. She is known for creating fun and engaging hands-on classroom activities, including science experiments and “outside the box” activities that provide students with opportunities to think critically and creatively, which support the Prepared Mind Pillar at Athlos.

Mrs.Tonozzi group photo

From left to right: Dr. William Bressler, Chief Executive Officer, Athlos Academies, Stacy Tonozzi, educator, Athlos Academy of Utah, Sam Gibbs, Executive Director, Athlos Academy of Utah

“Mrs. Tonozzi goes out of her way to make sure every student’s needs are met,” said one of her colleagues who nominated her for the award.

Mrs. Tonozzi has a varied educational background and has acquired many experiences over her last fifteen years of teaching. She has taught in special education, intervention, traditional, and community college classrooms. In addition, she has coached summer programs to help students explore, build, and innovate within environmental sciences. During these summer programs, Mrs. Tonozzi advised student-led projects to create ideas to better tomorrow’s problems.

Mrs. Tonozzi’s favorite quote is, “If you do nothing, nothing happens. So, explore now, create for tomorrow, and innovate for the future!

Mrs. Tonozzi’s favorite character trait is optimism. “Optimism is my most powerful tool. I can truly find the best of things out of each day to help make tomorrow better,” she said. “I strive for positivity and thrive on optimism. Optimism is an attitude and a choice. It involves context and focus. I am committed to finding things I can contribute to, work on, and improve.”

Athlos Academy provides a unique approach to teaching and learning in the Herriman area. Its mission is to provide high-quality educational opportunities for the whole child built on the three foundational pillars: Prepared Mind, Healthy Body, and Performance Character. Students participate in four scientifically developed physical activity sessions each week, Performance Character is integrated into the culture of the school, and high academic achievement is an expectation for all students. Athlos Academy is a free public charter school serving kindergarten-ninth grade.

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