Student Led Conferences on the Turf: What to Expect

Written By:
Dan Price

Student-led conferences (SLC’s) are here! Students will take their parents on a journey, reviewing what they have learned throughout the school year and will have the opportunity to present some of their favorite and best work. Coaches will be present to facilitate the conversation between student and parents.

During the time leading up to the conference, and during the conference itself, students are asked to be reflective about their learning. Having the ability to reflect on what you’ve learned and describe it to an adult is an invaluable experience (sounds a lot like a job or university interview, doesn’t it!?) As a parent, guiding your child through this conversation opens up the gateway for continued conversation at home. By supporting this reflection and dialogue, we (parents and teachers) are encouraging students to take ownership of their learning, which has the potential to be very empowering for a young person.

In the athletic space, SLC’s are a bit different than in the classroom. To start, all of the coaches will be in the gym/turf space, so you’ll be discussing with your child in a large, open space. Students can find their portfolio in their coach’s crate (each crate will be labeled). Portfolio folders are sorted by first name alphabetically within each grade.

After grabbing the portfolio folder, you’ll want to sit at a table and discuss the contents with your child. Once you’ve reviewed the portfolio, head out into the gym/turf area and have your student show you some of the skills they are learning in athletic movement class! This is a fantastic opportunity for you as parents to not only show support for your child’s movement experience, but also to build them up and celebrate the movement and sport skills they are learning. It is critical for the young athletes at Athlos to experience success and feel a sense of achievement in their movement as well as in the classroom.

Throughout this process, we encourage you to reflect on your own experiences with athletic movement as a child. This probably includes a wide variety of experiences, such as PE, organized sport, outdoor/extreme sport, or “backyard” experiences such as pick-up games, weekends at the lake, or flashlight tag (we played “kick the can” in my neighborhood). The SLC discussion is an opportunity to connect your child’s learning and their school experience with your own childhood! These types of positive connections around movement within the home are key to helping build healthy habits into adulthood. The coaches look forward to seeing you at conferences, and we thank you for supporting your child’s learning!

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