Student Spotlight – October 2021

Elizabeth loves Athlos and is always excited to attend school. She enjoys her teachers and classmates, playing soccer in recess, and appreciates the athletic program. 

Outside of school, Elizabeth plays soccer for the USAA club. She enjoys playing with her dog Khloe. She also likes to sing while doing homework or chores. Elizabeth has grown through the Prepared Mind pillar as she continually seeks to understand complex issues. She is often curious about the why and how things happen. In the Healthy Body pillar, Elizabeth is always excited to move around and be active. Elizabeth’s fun fact is that she can sing many songs in Spanish! 

This year, we want to celebrate our Athlos students, starting with the students who have been at Athlos for three or more years!

We will feature Student Spotlights throughout the school year with photos and first names on our website, social media and emails. If you would like to participate, please complete this form and email a photo of your child to 

Help us celebrate the reason we are all at Athlos – our Amazing Athlos students!  

Thank you for participating, and a special thanks to Elizabeth and her family. 


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