US History

US History is full of interesting people, action, fascinating places and events, and sometimes just downright weird things.  We will begin the year with the earliest inhabitants, explore with the Vikings and explorers, look at colonial life, experience the American Revolution, learn about our government, go west, endure a civil war, become a world power, explore World War 2, the Cold War, look at the civil rights era, economics, and more.  And we will look at how and why to study history and you in history.  You are making history right now-you will some day be the history another 5th grader looks at.  No boring textbooks here.  You will have a fun time learning history with escape rooms, secret codes, mysteries to read and solve, a spy ring to join, a wax museum, and lots of other interesting activities for you and your friends to explore while you learn.  I hope you will love history as much as I do!

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