Welcome to December

Events to plan for .
Dec. 2 -13 Food drive, help our school to reach 5,000 pounds in donated goods
Dec. 20th Sack lunches peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or home lunch
Dec. 20th Holiday party

Homeroom – .We will be gathering food items for the Utah food bank.

Math this week
Monday- Converting fractions to decimals & decimal to fractions
Tuesday Multiplying\ dividing decimals by 10 (homework )
Wednesday Multiply/divide Using powers of ten
Thursday Working with decimals
Friday Using decimals

Homework will come home about twice a week, but they can always work on math facts. Ask them questions, your taking an interest in math will help them to take an interest too. When doing homework don’t spend more than 20 minutes, but make sure those are 20 quality minutes. If students get frustrated or are unable to solve the problems stop! Have them tell me the next day and we can work on it together, and see if we can figure out where the misunderstanding is occurring

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