Athlos Academy is a unique public charter school that prepares students for success in three ways.
Prepared Mind - student in classroom

Prepared MIND

The Prepared Mind Pillar is centered on academic programs that will prime students with the knowledge and critical thinking skills they need to excel.

Healthy Body - kettlebells in weight room

Healthy BODY

The Healthy Body Pillar allows students of all athletic abilities to participate in professionally developed, age-appropriate fitness curriculum.

Performance Character - girls on playground

Performance CHARACTER

The Performance Character Pillar is the foundation of school culture and promotes 12 key character traits.

News and Announcements

2019–20 Official School Calendar

The official school calendar includes the first and last days of school, and no-school days due to holidays, staff professional development, conferences, winter break, and spring break.

Tips and Tricks for Helping Children Become Excited About Math

Athlos has compiled a few tips and tricks that can help both parents and children develop optimism and curiosity about the field of mathematics.

Griffin Chronicle Newsletter: March 4

Student-led Conferences; Dr. Seuss breakfast; Book Fair; Meet Sam Gordon, Staff Spotlight: Mr. Gilbert

Student-Led Conferences: Helping Children Lead

At Athlos Academy, student-led conferences take the place of traditional parent-teacher conferences. These conferences help students take ownership of their learning as they honestly reflect on their progress, discuss their successes and challenges, and set goals for the future.

  • The school staff was recently challenged to a game of basketball with the Athlos girls basketball team. A little friendly competition between our staff and students helps to keep everyone healthy and active.

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  • Students in the Life is Loopy science class recently dissected starfish! They observed the different parts of the water vascular system like the madreporite, ring canal, ampullae, and tube feet. They also observed the digestive glands, the stomach, and other parts of the anatomy.

Keep up the good work, students!

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  • Mr. Jolley’s sixth-grade science class recently learned about Newton’s laws of motion by planning and creating a paper roller coaster. Students evaluated, tested, and retested their roller coaster to analyze and manipulate the forces of friction and gravity. 
They showed their work by demonstrating a marble changing from potential to kinetic energy as it moved through their course.

Excellent work students!

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  • On our most recent staff professional development day, the front office cooked breakfast for teachers and staff. At Athlos, it’s important to develop a healthy school culture and environment needed to help educators be the leaders our students can depend on to succeed.

Learn more about the benefits of working at Athlos through the link in our bio.

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  • Sam Gordon, a rising football player who was featured in a Super Bowl commercial and was awarded the Game Changer Award at the NFL Honors Award Show in 2018, recently visited students in grades 5-8 at Athlos! 
Sam shared a message about overcoming obstacles, her experience playing football against the boys, and starting the first girls tackle football league in the country.

Thank you @sam_gordon6 for visiting and inspiring our students!

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  • Ms. Merrell’s kindergarten class was recently visited by a dentist who taught the importance of not spreading germs by keeping clothes, tools, and other dental equipment clean. Students also learned the importance of brushing and flossing teeth.

Thank you, @ponyexpressdentaldaybreak for providing our students this educational opportunity!

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