Athlos Families STAND

At Athlos Academy of Utah, families are expected to be partners in the education and growth of their children. As Athlos holds students and staff to high standards, we also see the essential role of the child’s family in their success in school. To exemplify this, we have developed the STAND acronym. The Athlos family stands beside, stands up for, stands with, and stands in support of their Athlos scholar.

See also our statements for how we SERVE our students and how our educators LEAD.


The “S” in STAND represents the supportive nature of an Athlos family. Parents are expected to play a role of support in their scholar’s education and growth, always demonstrating a positive attitude about education and encouraging students to lean into their academic journey.

Teacher Partner

The “T” in STAND represents a partnership between classroom and home. Parents are expected to act as partners with their scholars’ educators, assuring school and home are working together for the best intent of the student. Intentional, two-way communication is vital to creating an effective teacher-parent partnership.


The “A” in STAND represents the active nature of the parents’ involvement in their scholars’ education. Active parents are not simply present, they are engaged in the process and outcome of their child’s experience in school. By staying apprised of what their scholar is learning in school, participating in the school community, and monitoring their child’s feelings about their education and progress, parents demonstrate their interest in student outcome and experience.


The “N” in STAND represents the parent/guardian role as a mentor to their child. The parent navigator both sets a good example through modeling and serves as a moral guide and compass for the student throughout their school experience.


The “D” in STAND represents the dedication of the parent in the child’s education. Dedicated parents are persistent and stand with their child through all difficulties and success they face in school. While a dedication involves providing a nurturing and caring environment for a child to thrive, it also represents a dedication to preparing students to be independent, learn from their mistakes, problem solve, and grow their own moral compass.

What Athlos Parents Say!

“I chose Athlos for my child because I want the best education for my daughter, and I feel confident that Athlos can provide that for her!”

– Athlos Parent

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