Preschool is offered at Athlos Academy of Utah in partnership with The Sneaker Club!

Athlos Academy Announces Preschool Partnership

The Sneaker Club

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Miss Jenny
The Sneaker Club Preschool
(801) 656-5620
The Sneaker Club Preschool is the perfect place for your child to begin their learning journey at Athlos Academy. The Sneaker Club Preschool balances fun, friendship, and learning.
Sneaker Club Mission Statement: To provide a safe and positive environment where friendships and fun are fostered, patience and encouragement are customary, imaginative play and exploration are frequent, learning and skill-building are enjoyed, and where empowering confidence and self-image are the ultimate result that will carry children into their primary school years and beyond.
The Sneaker Club offers:
  • Three-year-old classes
  • Pre-K classes for students who turn four by September 1
  • Pre-K classes for students who turn four by January 1 or who already know their letters and sounds.
The older pre-K class will follow a similar curriculum to the younger pre-K class but will move faster according to each child’s level. Join the club!
For more about The Sneaker Club, visit their website: The Sneaker Club Preschool – The Sneaker Club Preschool