The English Learner (ELL) program at Athlos Academy of Utah supports multilingual learners in acquiring the English they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond, in accordance with the State of Utah and WIDA’s English Language Development Standards.

Athlos Academy of Utah provides their English language learners (ELL) with quality instruction, inclusive practices, differentiated instruction, and access to appropriate grade level content.


English Learner Identification

Students are measured by a home language survey (HLS). The HLS must be given to every student entering the district for the first time, whether in kindergarten or a later grade regardless of perceived native language.


English learners come from many different backgrounds. English learners may include:

  • Students who are born in the US and speak a language in addition to English at home
  • Students who are born in the US and speak a language or languages other than English at home
  • Immigrant students who’ve had formal schooling in another language
  • Immigrant students who’ve had interrupted or limited formal education
  • Refugee students who’ve learned a language other than or in addition to English