Governing Board

Athlos Academy of Utah is governed by a dedicated board comprised of parents and community members. The board is responsible for developing, implementing, and assessing policy; instituting sound employee relations; conducting open meetings; recognizing and conforming to the legal mandates imposed by state and federal laws; and governing within the limits of the delegation of state authority as a non-profit and public school board.

Additionally, the board has an obligation to assess its successes and challenges, inform the public of all deliberations and decisions, promote accountability, avoid abuse of power, enhance public understanding of its mission, conform to standards of ethical behavior, provide a framework for setting goals, and develop strategic plans for the accomplishment of those goals.

Board Calendar

The governing board holds regular board meetings on the fourth Thursday of each month. Unless otherwise noted, the meetings are held at:

Athlos Academy of Utah
12309 South Mustang Trail Way
Herriman, UT 84096


Board Members

Ben Hyink, Board Chair

  • Term Began July 2018
  • Pillars Committee Chair
  • Finance Committee Chair
  • School LAND Trust Committee

Will Fountain, Vice Chair

  • Term Began August 2019
  • Governance Committee Chair
  • School LAND Trust Committee

Jon Cazier, Treasurer

  • Term Began August 2019
  • Finance Committee
  • School LAND Trust Committee

Mac Tapia, Board Member

  • Term Began August 2020
  • Governance Committee
  • School LAND Trust Committee

Amber Wade, Board Member

  • Term Began October 2020
Board Goals: 2020–2021

The Athlos Academy of Utah board will have an active, engaged community because we believe parental involvement, business involvement, and constituent involvement enables students to develop prepared minds, healthy bodies, and performance character.

This will be measured by:

  • Increasing parental involvement
  • Engaging parent ambassadors

Athlos enrollment will increase year over year in order to promote the financial viability of the school because we believe that it will attract and retain high-quality staff and support rigorous educational programs.

This will be measured by:

  • At the elementary level (K-6):
    • An increase in enrollment/waitlist by 10% annually, with a retention rate of 93%
  • At the middle school level (7-9):
    • An increase in enrollment/waitlist by 50% annually, with a retention rate of 60%, increasing by 10% each year until 93% retention rate is reached.
    • Full enrollment caps
    • Establish and maintain a waitlist

Athlos academic proficiency scores in ELA and Math will meet or exceed state standards because we believe high-quality educational opportunities contribute to academic success.

This will be measured by:

  • Utilization of standardized proficiency examination tools as identified by Athlos Academy of Utah.
Under the direction of the board, the following committees have been formed:
  • Finance Committee – 6pm/MT second Thursday of each month
    • Ben Hyink – Chair
    • Jon Cazier
  • Governance Committee – Time TBD
    • Will Fountain – Chair
    • Mac Tapia
  • Pillar Committee – Time TBD
    • Ben Hyink – Chair
    • Jenny Potter
  • School LAND Trust Committee

All meeting dates and times subject to change

School LAND Trust Program

Athlos Academy of Utah utilizes its LAND Trust money to support the implementation of its cutting-edge athletic curriculum. This curriculum, aligned to the Utah Physical Education Standards, was created with long-term athletic development in mind and was carefully crafted based on proven science and research. The Athlos Athletic Curriculum and Healthy Body program support student academic achievement. LAND Trust funds allow AAU to hire experienced coaches to support the implementation of this unique program and to improve health and learning in our school.

School LAND Trust Committee Members
Meeting Schedule

For School LAND Trust meeting dates, visit the board meeting calendar.

School LAND Trust Documents

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

2021-2022 Agendas
2021-2022 Minutes
2020-2021 Agendas
2019-2020 Agendas