Extra-Curricular Sports

After-School Sports for Grades 6-9

We are excited to offer after-school sports this year.

Requirements for Athletes:

  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • Each participant will need to have a physical from a doctor in order to participate
  • Waiver
  • Parents will need to provide transportation for their student to each game or event
  • Communication from coaches will occur via “Group Me” or “Remind” App
  • We will be participating in the Utah Charter and Small School Athletic League (UCSSAL) https://www.ucssal.org/

If you have any questions, please contact our Athletic Director, Jason Rojas, at jrojas@athlosutah.org


Here’s the Latest from the Coaches!

Extracurricular Sports

Our Cross-Country and Girls Volleyball Team recently concluded their seasons in the Utah Charter and Small Schools Athletic League (UCSSAL).  Cross-Country runners Lucas Olsen (6th Grade), Santiago Hernandez (6th Grade), and Alivia Austin (7th Grade) all qualified for the State Cross-Country Meet, with Lucas Olsen placing 8th and Santiago Hernandez placing 21st in the Boy’s Race.  For the Girl’s Race, Alivia Austin finished 16th.  


Primarily consisting of new t volleyball players, our Girl’s Volleyball Team was very competitive but was not able to win a match.  However, in a one-night, 6th Grade Tournament hosted here at Athlos, the Athlos girls finished second and we have a lot of hope for the future of both the Girls Volleyball and Cross Country.


Due to a UCSSAL rule requiring schools with any 9th graders to play in a 9th grade league, we decided to move both our Boys and Girls Middle School Basketball Teams into a league operated by Club Utah, which happens to be one of the premier basketball clubs in Utah and one of our renters here at Athlos.  Both our boys and girls middle school teams, primarily made up of 6th and 7th graders, are playing against comparable competition in the Club Utah Developmental League.  This opportunity will give our student-athletes a chance to play in competition at their level and to be coached by experienced coaches. 

Athlos Alumni Athletic Profile

Ryle Diel is a Real Salt Lake Academy High School (RSLAHS) freshman in Herriman.  In addition to playing on the Varsity and JV RSLAHS Girls’ Volleyball Team, Ryle also competes on the Girls’ Provisional Soccer Team; these teams concurrently play in the Fall Season.  In addition to sports, Ryle races dirt bike motorcycles and is in competitive dance.


Ryle attended Athlos starting her 2nd Grade year and stayed through her 8th-grade year.  Last year, Ryle played on the Athlos Girls Middle School Volleyball Team.  We saw Ryle in action and caught up with her parents during some recent RSLAHS Provisional soccer games.


Q- Did the Athlos Physical Education Curriculum and/or Extracurricular Sports experience positively influence Ryle?

A- Athlos had a positive and impactful influence on her abilities and coordination in sports.


Q- What sports was Ryle introduced to that she would not have otherwise known or had a chance to participate in?

A- The Athletic Movement Classe she had in school was constantly rotating, so she had samples of all sports. Volleyball stuck with her, and she started comp teams right after.  She enjoyed her playing experience more at Athlos than with her club team, probably due to it being a little less intense and being able to play on the same team with her friends and classmates.


Q- How has her experience at Athlos prepared her for playing HS volleyball and HS soccer?

A- As I said before, Athlos helped with her coordination and developing a base of understanding for both volleyball and soccer in terms of both technique and game strategy.  As parents, we believe that kids who develop general physical abilities and participate in a variety of sports early in life develop more in the long run.


Q- What has been her experience regarding Varsity/JV with the RSLAHS Girls’ Volleyball Team?

A- Ryle loves volleyball and is already looking at colleges with strong academics and a volleyball team.  She currently gets some playing time on Varsity and is a starter on the JV team.  She currently practices with Volleyball before school and then practices soccer during 7/8 Period.


Athletic Movement Class

Athletics are a microcosm of life!

During the first quarter of the school year, we have taken steps towards emphasizing our participation/citizenship portion of the class. We believe that the excitement of athletics opens the opportunity for kids to put forth the effort and express their ability to care for others. This class involves more peer interaction than any other, making it a golden opportunity to develop ALL of the Performance Character traits.

Some of the most important expectations involve listening/ not interrupting the coach, participating in the activities, and respecting their peers. We understand the importance of fun and some freedom, but that is no exception from the above expectations.

The Athletic Movement Team wants to create healthy, responsible kids who can handle adversity. Learning to respect others, be a good winner, bear a loss and try your best are things that will take your kid far in life! If you have any questions about how your kid is doing, we would love to be of assistance.

On a different note, students must come to school with jackets as the weather gets colder.  If you send your student to school with snow boots, please make sure they pack a pair of athletic shoes!  Snow boots are unstable and therefore unsafe in Athletic Movement Class, which is why they are against the Gym Dress Code.

Staff Fitness

Do you ever feel a brain fog, overwhelmed, or stressed from work? Researchers have found a magic activity called Exercise to help reduce those symptoms. Exercise is essential for every aspect of life, especially as a teacher when your time is spent sitting down grading and other daily duties. According to the article called “Exercise and Brain Health” by Whole Brain Health, here are a few of the benefits that can help people see exercise with more importance:


Recent research has suggested that the Exercise we do to improve our body also helps our brain. When we do high-intensity Exercise, our heart rate increases, supplying more blood flow to the brain. The increased heart rate also increases our breathing, making us breathe harder and faster. As a result, more oxygen is supplied in our bloodstream, more oxygen reaches our brain. This leads to neurogenesis, which is the production of neurons. Research has indicated that physical Exercise increases neurogenesis in the hippocampus, a brain area important for learning and memory. Exercise also influences neurotrophins; it’s the family of protein that aids in protein neuron survival, development, and function. This leads to greater brain plasticity and, as a result, better memory and learning. Regular physical activity lowers the risk of developing cognitive impairment, such as dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. This improvement from exercise is for people with normal and impaired cognitive health, including people with ADHD, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke.”


Exercise is seen as one of the least essential priorities in many people’s lives, although it has many benefits for our health. Here are a few ways to keep exercise relevant in our lives. Exercise can include dancing, swimming, and going for a bike ride; it does not have to be another activity on your to-do list. Doing something that you enjoy can impact the way you view exercise. Another tip would be to change your workout regimen to stay motivated. Last but not least, try to start in small quantities, like 15- 20 min, in order not to burn out so quickly. I hope after seeing all the benefits that exercise can bring to a person’s life, this will help our staff to include exercise in our daily schedule. Go Griffins!

Teachable Moments

Hall of Fame basketball coach, John Wooden, built his program around a philosophy that was depicted as a pyramid, which is famously referred to as the “Pyramid of Success”.  Wooden defined “Self Discipline” in this way: “Practice self-discipline and keep emotions under control. Good judgment and common sense are essential.”

Similarly, Athlos Academy lists “Focus / Self-Control” as a character trait under our Performance Character Pillar.  Our definition sounds eerily familiar to Coach Wooden’s Self Discipline: “Focus and self-control are related. One way to think about them is to think of focus as the ability to stay committed to goals in the long term and to think of self-control as the ability to stay calm, control impulses and resist acting in ways that feel out of control.”

I remember seeing old interviews of Coach Wooden where he discussed his hesitancy with his players becoming overly emotional and the fact that he did not give the “rah-rah” pre-game or half-time speeches.  He felt like you needed to be calm and collected to play at one’s best.  It must have worked for Coach Wooden, as he won more NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championships than anyone who has ever coached.

Submitted by Coach Rojas

graphic showing the Wooden Effect

Pyramid of Success – Coach John Wooden (thewoodeneffect.com)

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Athlos Sports would like to thank our newest sponsors, Kinetic Physical Therapy and 7 Eleven.  Kinetic Physical Therapy is located just down the street on Herriman Blvd and Main Street.  Kinetic provides the most up-to-date skilled therapy to fit the goals and needs of our clients, allowing them to reach their highest potential and return to the activities they love to do.  I can tell you first hand, that I have called them for an emergency, more than once, and they were able to get my own children seen on the same day.  One of the practitioners at Kinetic, Jared Snyder, is a part of the Athlos community and has children here at school.

7 Eleven, within eyesight of Athlos, is a great place to stop for a drink, a snack, or a meal, to fill up your gas tank, or even to buy your teacher some chocolate!  I met the franchise owner, Shane, on one of my many trips there last school year.  I am especially fond of Americanos and protein bars.

Our other sports sponsors include CADRE GRP, CMIT Solution of Sandy and Prime Insurance.  CADRE GRP is a management consultancy, based in Washington D.C., that is known for delivering superior insight and leadership to solve the most critical challenges in the most difficult environments.  CMIT Solutions of Sandy offers customized IT solutions for all of your office needs and is owned by our very own Athlos PTO President, Stephanie Isiko.  Prime Insurance Company offers customized coverage and solutions to individuals, businesses and producers when standard markets don’t meet the needs of the insured.


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Student-Athlete Handbook

The information in the student-athlete handbook should be read carefully and be agreed to by both the parents and the student before the season begins.