Message from Dr. Dawes

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Parents and Guardians,

It is so fun to have school back in session. It was wonderful to meet many of you at Back-to-School Night and over the past week. Seeing the excitement and happy faces as the students begin the new school year is fun. Watching the students learn what to expect in the upcoming school year is wonderful.

I have also seen some concern on the faces of a few students…and some parents. These include concerns about making new friends and learning new things in the new grade. These concerns can be viewed from two perspectives: fear or challenge. Fear may cause each of us to want to avoid new experiences in life, and sometimes, this is an effective strategy. However, the development of the Performance Character traits of Courage, Optimism, Curiosity, and GRIT can assist students, and parents, as we confront new situations. When we shift our focus from fear and worry to a more productive perspective by using strong character skills, we are better prepared for the additional challenges that will come to us each day.

It is so exciting to be a part of a school where Performance Character traits are taught and encouraged as an essential part of our educational efforts. As we present these lessons each week, please watch for additional information so that you can know which Character traits we are teaching. This could help us as our children confront new and possibly uncomfortable situations outside of school.

Thank you for all you do as parents. It can be a complicated experience to raise children. It is a privilege for each of the adults in our school to be a part of your and your student’s lives. Please let us know how we can better assist you and your child.

Let’s have a wonderful September.


Dr. Dawes, Executive Director

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