Beauty and the Beast Jr. Musical

Beauty and the Beast Jr.


Music Practice Tracks


Rehearsals for the next 3 weeks:

Monday, Oct. 10th  3:30-5:30p, All cast

Wednesday, Oct. 12th  3:30-5:30p, All Cast

Thursday, Oct. 13th 3:30-5:30p, All cast


Monday, Oct. 17th  3:30-5:30p, All cast

Wednesday, Oct. 19th  1:30-3:00p, All Cast, 3:30-7:00p Actor Coaching for leads, by appointment (Student-led Conferences; school ends at 1:05p)

We have 30 min actor coaching slots during Conferences to work with Garan and Katelynn on individual character development. Please sign up at the same time as your buddy, except the following: Beast, Belle, Maurice, and Enchantress (sign up for both slots)

In pairs/groups: Lumiere and Cogsworth, Babette and Madam De La Grande Bouche, D’Arque brothers, Pots and Chips (all 4 for two back-to-back slots-1hr), Gaston and Lefou, All Silly Girls, All Narrators. Thank you!

Sign-up Genius:

Thursday, Oct. 20th 1:30-3:00p, All Cast, 3:30-7:00pm Actor Coaching for leads by appointment (Student-led Conferences; school ends at 1:05p)

Same as Wednesday

October 21-28th-FALL BREAK, no rehearsals. Enjoy your break!


Monday, Oct. 31st-CAST HALLOWEEN PARTY 3:15p-4:30p (we’ll start a little early and end earlier!)

  • Short rehearsal
  • Costume contest
  • Games
  • Snack (Watch for sign-up)

Wednesday, Nov. 2nd  3:30-5:30p, All Cast

Thursday, Nov. 3rd 3:30-5:30p, All cast



Welcome to the show! We have our first rehearsal on Wednesday, September 28 from 3:30-5:00p. We will do bonding activities and then a full read-through of the show. If your student has not picked up their script, please send them to the music room. The ensemble does not get scripts, for now. Moving forward, rehearsals will be every Mon., Wed., and Thurs, unless noted otherwise. There is NO rehearsal today, September 29th. We will resume on Monday.

Rehearsals for next week:

Monday, Oct. 3rd  3:30-5:30p, All cast

Wednesday, Oct. 5th  3:30-5:30p, All Cast

5:30p-6:30p Mandatory parent meeting (right after rehearsal on Oct. 5th)

Please have someone there, if possible, or watch the live video feed of the meeting. We will not be able to take live questions for those watching the broadcast, so please email us at if you have additional questions. The recording will be available afterward as well.

Thursday, Oct. 6th 3:30-5:30p, All cast

You may now pay the $50 cast fee, per person, for the show. If paying in person at the front office, you may do so with either cash or check. If paying with a card, it must be online but there is a small fee.

Payments need to be in by Oct. 25th or have a payment plan set up by that time. Contact Becky Austin 


9/23/22 CAST LIST!!!!



Welcome to Callbacks!

Congratulations on your auditions, everyone did an amazing job and we couldn’t be more excited or proud!
Below you’ll find who we would like to see at callbacks on
Thursday, September 22nd.

Remember. Even if you don’t see your name on the list. It doesn’t mean you didn’t get in. It just means you did such a good job we already know where to cast you! Keep your eye out for the cast list and you’ll see!

The following are invited to Miss Buhler’s room on Thursday for callbacks.
Please be ready by 3:30p

Owen Allphin
Carter Bair
Elijah Bird
Dominic Layton
Caleb McCall
Carlos Moreno
Sebastian Quintero
Reyaan Rahul
Santiago Ramirez
Beckham Shirah
Gabe Whitmore

Zoe Andrus
Michael Rose Ellerman
Elizabeth Gibb
Tesslyn Gregory
Rylie Harris
Lacey Jackson
Savannah Karr
Elise Lingwall
Arianna Mayurov
Britlee Packer
Emma Stephens

Again. If your name is not on the list. You’re still in the show. So don’t worry! You all did an amazing job. And we can’t wait to see you at practice!

Beauty and the Beast Jr.

We are excited to announce we will be producing a musical this year for the first time! Since this is the first time many students will be auditioning for a show, we will hold an audition workshop to help students prepare for auditions. Students are encouraged to attend this free workshop if they have an interest in participating in the musical. Please be aware there will be a $50 cast fee per person, which can be paid in 4 payments of $12.50, and volunteer hours required for each family. Students in Beyond the Bell are exempt from the cast fee.

Workshop & Auditions

Audition WorkshopSeptember 14th & 15th 3:30pm-5:30pm 

  • Choose one day. Both days will be the same and cover the following topics:
    • Audition terminology, headshots/resumes, cold reads, monologues
    • Music-how to choose an audition song, what kind of song (nursery rhymes, hymns, Disney)
    • Callback practice-What happens during callbacks, dancing practice, and singing 

Please fill out this form to sign up:


AuditionsSeptember 19-20, 22, 3:15pm-7:00 pm (6:15p on Tuesday)

  • Day 1-2: Vocal auditions-sign up for a single time slot (10 min each)
  • Day 3: Callbacks-Dances/Cold Reads, Group Work-Only for those who make callbacks 
    • Just because you don’t make callbacks does not mean you didn’t make it

The cast list will be posted on this page by September 26th. There will be a mandatory Parents Meeting. Date TBD

Performances: January 19-21

Additional shows are possible and will be communicated at least a month in advance.

Dress rehearsal will be the 2nd week of January with a teaser performance during school on the 18th

Contact email:

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