Red Ribbon Week

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Oct 16-20: Celebrate Healthy Choices & Stand Against Drugs!

Join us in a week of spirited dress-up days as we raise awareness about the importance of staying drug-free. Every day has a fun theme to make our message resonate with our students in a lively way!

📅 Daily Themes & Dress-Up Days:

  • Monday, Oct 16th – Rally in Red Day
    Theme: Take a stand against drugs.
    Dress Code: Wear as much red as you can!
  • Tuesday, Oct 17th – Team Up Against Drugs Tuesday
    Theme: Together, we can combat drug abuse.
    Dress Code: Sport your favorite team jersey. Let’s see which team is most represented!
  • Wednesday, Oct 18th – Kick Drugs to the Curb Wednesday.
    Theme: Step over negativity and step into positivity.
    Dress Code: Show off your most wacky, fun socks!
  • Thursday, Oct 19th – Follow Your Dreams and Don’t Do Drugs Thursday.
    Theme: Stay clear-minded and follow your dreams.
    Dress Code: Come cozy in your favorite pajamas.
  • Friday, Oct 20th – Pink Out for Cancer Friday
    Theme: Raise awareness and show support for the fight against cancer.
    Dress Code: Dress in pink from head to toe!

Parents and guardians, please ensure your children dress according to the theme daily. This week promotes an essential message and adds a fun twist to learning!

Remember, the choices we make today shape our tomorrow. Let’s unite and show our commitment to a healthy, drug-free future!

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