Start of School FAQ

As we approach the start of school, we are collecting and answering your frequently asked questions. This post will be updated regularly.

Distance Learning

Q. If we opt into distance learning, are we committing to that program for the entire school year regardless of changes in COVID numbers, or will there be an option to integrate back into the on-campus program if COVID becomes more contained?
Parents will be allowed to change their students’ learning model after the school year begins at quarterly intervals. If compelled to do so by the state, the school could return to a full distance learning program.

Q. Will there be an option for parents to view submitted assignments?
They will be able to view submitted assignments each Monday.

Q. Will there be different online options for math and reading, besides the i-Ready program?
i-ready will no longer be used. We are using Let’s Go Learn for K-8 and Waterford for K-2.

Q. Will there be a variety of programs used for distance learning, so that the students do not become bored with just one program? 
See above.

Q. Will students doing distance learning still have an assigned teacher?
Yes. They will be assigned one teacher.

Q. Will textbooks still be available for students to check out to assist them with assignments and with learning the material?
Yes. They will receive physical materials at the beginning of the year.

Q. What improvements have been made to the distance learning program since last spring?
Check out our new Athlos Virtual Academy at:

Q. Will Clever be accessible on older electronic devices?
Clever is compatible with all computer devices with internet access. If you are accessing Clever via a web browser, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge or Internet Explorer 2013 or later all work. The Clever app is compatible with iOS devices (e.g. iPads, iPhones) versions 9.0 or later, and is available for download from the App Store.

Q. Are uniforms required for distance learning?
No, students are not required to wear uniforms for distance learning.

Q. Will students participating in distance learning be able to participate in in-person extracurriculars?
Yes, students participating in distance learning will still have the opportunity to participate in live extracurriculars. 

Q. Will teachers be dedicated to online only or in person only or will they be synchronous?
They will be dedicated to either distance learning or on-campus learning. 

Q. How do I find the distance learning schedule?
For distance learning students, schedules were sent to students via email and will be in Clever. If you did not receive your schedule, please contact your classroom teacher.

Health Screening

Q. Will the daily symptom screening be a nose swab test?
No, staff will be doing a touchless thermometer temperature check.

Q. Who will be doing the wellness checks in the morning?
School staff. 

Q. Will temperature checks be taken inside or outside classrooms/school building upon arrival?
Temperature check screenings will be done each morning before students exit their vehicle. There will be different zones set up. If a student’s temperature is above 100.4 degrees, the student will need to return home. If cleared, the students will enter a designated grade-level door and go to their classroom.

Q. How will temperatures be taken?
Using a touchless thermometer.

Q. What are your plans for a safe return to campus?
We have worked closely with state agencies and local health departments to create a comprehensive return-to-school plan that will support a safe learning environment. We are working on compiling this into a family-friendly version. In the meantime, view the outline at

You can also view the Utah Department of Health’s COVID-19 manual at

Q. Will face coverings be required for on-campus learning?
Athlos Academy of Utah is following the face covering order for schools as advised by national and local health departments. On-campus students are expected to wear face coverings and practice social distancing while on campus. You can find the order here.

We will follow CDC guidelines found at:

Social Distancing

Q. How many students will be in a classroom?
Classrooms will have the bare minimum of furniture in them to maximize space. Currently there are no classes that are larger than 20 students in any grade.

School Nutrition

Q. Will meals be provided to students participating in the distance learning program?

To minimize the number of trips distance learning families make to pick up school meals, we will no longer be offering meal pick up on Fridays. Instead, those participating in meal pick up will be provided with two lunches and two breakfasts on Thursdays. As a reminder, lunch pickup is available through Driveline Monday through Thursday from 12:30 – 12:50 p.m.

Additionally, in response to feedback about meal portions, we have increased our portions to make up for the items students would normally get from the salad bar. We are currently not offering a self-serve salad bar due to COVID-19 health guidelines.

If you have questions, please contact us at (801) 438-4619.

Meals will be provided by driving through the Driveline lane at the school. School staff will be on hand and will bring your meals to your vehicle. Please do not exit your vehicle.

*Meal distribution days are subject to change due to holidays or other scheduling conflicts.

Q. How will meals be served to students attending on-campus classes?
Students will go to the lunchroom following the arrows in the hallways while maintaining social distancing and walk in a one-way line to pick up a sack lunch. Students will eat their meals in the lunchroom, following proper social distancing. Students will eat as a class and go out for recess once the classroom is finished eating.

Q. How do I pay for school meals?

School breakfast and lunch are now available to all enrolled Athlos students at no charge under a temporary waiver from the USDA. No students will be charged for breakfast or lunch through December 31, 2020 or until the federal funding runs out. All students are eligible whether they are learning on campus or virtually.

Families who think they may qualify for free or reduced-price lunch are still encouraged to apply so there is no lapse in meal service when the USDA waiver expires.  The form and instructions can be found here. You only need to submit one application per household. Forms must be completed each year, regardless of whether you’ve applied in the past. Please email completed forms to or mail to the office at 12309 South Mustang Trail Way, Herriman, UT 84096.

We have set up EZSchoolPay for families to pay for their meals.

Learn how to register for EZSchoolPay.

Here’s a guide on using EZSchoolPay.

Q. Can I pay with cash?

Students will need to bring cash or check to the lunch room as we are no longer accepting cash or check in the office.

Middle School

Q. Will middle school students still rotate classrooms? Or will teachers rotate rooms, while students stay in the same classroom?
Students will be rotating classes during the day. Students will be required to sanitize their hands before entering a new classroom. Teachers will clean classrooms between class periods.  Hallways will have arrows with “traffic patterns” to maintain social distancing.

Q. Will elective classes still be offered?
Elective classes will still be offered, including athletic movement. Students will have athletic movement outside (weather permitting) and be socially distanced when weather won’t allow them to hold classes outdoors. 

Q. What classroom will middle school students eat lunch in?
Students will go to the lunchroom following the arrows in the hallways while maintaining social distancing and walk in a one-way line to pick up a sack lunch. Students will eat their meals in the lunchroom, following proper social distancing. Students will eat as a class and go out for recess once the classroom is finished eating.

Special Services

Q. How will special education services be handled?
Special education services will continue to be push in and pull out services. When a teacher does pull a student out to a small group, social distance guidelines will be followed to the greatest extent possible. 

Q. In the event a SPED student has a behavior issue, will exceptions be made for a parent to enter the building and calm the child?
The best interest of the child will always be taken into consideration.

Q. Will SPED students be able to leave the room for calm down time?
Yes. This will be dependent on IEP services and behavior plans.



Q. Will face coverings be required?
Athlos Academy of Utah is following the face covering order for schools as advised by national and local health departments. On-campus all students and staff are expected to wear face coverings and practice social distancing while on campus. You can find the order here.

We will follow CDC guidelines found at:

Q. Can parents elect to send their students on campus some days and participate in distance learning the other days?
No, at this time, students must choose between either distance learning or on campus learning.

Q. Is there a guide on the school re-opening procedures?
We’ve compiled our distance learning information, re-opening procedures, and resources from the state into a Family Back to Learning Handbook. The handbook is attached to this email and can be found on our website by clicking here.

Q. Will in-classroom volunteers be allowed?
At this time, in-classroom volunteers will not be allowed. 

Q. How do I know who my student’s homeroom teacher is?
Students attending on campus will need to know their homeroom teacher for temperature check procedures. Homeroom teacher assignments can be found in PowerSchool and on lists posted on the front door of the school. If you do not yet have your PowerSchool login information, it will be sent to families the second week of school.

Q. Are paper packets an option?
Packets will not be an option this year, as we found that it was difficult to determine whether student progress was being made using packets.

Q. What happens to a class if the teacher has to quarantine or needs to care for someone who becomes ill?
In the event that a teacher can not teach the class, we will fill their spot with a temporary substitute until they are able to safely return to the classroom.

Q. If we choose to withdraw our child and homeschool them during COVID, will their spot be held so they can enroll next year?
According to our enrollment policy, we cannot reserve spots once a family chooses to withdraw.  If you choose to homeschool your children, they would be officially transferred from Athlos Academy and would have to re-apply if you choose to re-enroll them at a later date. Their seats would not be guaranteed.

Q. If my child participates in extended day kindergarten and participates online, will we need to pay the extended day fee?
No. Kindergarten students participating in extended day kindergarten through distance learning will not have to pay the extended day fee.

Q. If students were enrolled in extended day kindergarten and chose the distance learning program, will they be able to enter extended day kindergarten when all students return to campus?
Students will give up their spot if they move to distance learning. They will not be asked to pay tuition during the time they are online. Spots are open based on enrollment and cannot be guaranteed.

Q. Where can I find school supply lists?
They can be found at:

These lists are for those students who are returning to on-campus learning. More details on supplies from those learning from home will be shared soon.

Q. Are immunizations required for students participating in distance learning?
Yes, there are no exemptions from the state regarding immunizations for distance learners.

Q. The uniform store is down, what if I don’t have a uniform when school starts?
Our uniform store is back on online We will be lenient on our uniform policy at the start of the school year to accommodate those who could not order due to the uniform shop issues. You can purchase uniforms at

Q. What are start and end times this year?
Please make note of our slightly adjusted school start and end times. You can find our calendar at:

Monday – Thursday 
8:05 a.m. to 3:05 p.m.

8:05 a.m. to 1:05 p.m.

Q. When will we get a teacher assignment?
We are finalizing our rosters. You can expect teacher assignments early next week!

Q. How will Driveline tags work?
Driveline numbers for returning families will remain the same as last year. For new families, numbers will be sent home with your student on the first day of school.

For distance learners, Driveline tags will be available for pickup as needed based on decisions to return to on-campus learning. Please review and follow the Driveline rules to assure all students are safe during these times. All families who drive their students to school MUST use Driveline this year to accommodate our health regulations regarding drop off.

Please see our video for a tutorial on Driveline procedures and review our safety policies.

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