Student Spotlight – Dax

Graphic of student Dax grade 2

Welcome back to all of our returning students, including Dax!

Dax H, Grade 2

At school Dax enjoys his music class and any activities that allow him to move and stay active.

Outside of school, he loves to play video games with his cousin Dalton and his stepfather. He loves to explore nature and climb things. He also loves to hang out with his dad, uncles, and grandpas. His favorite Performance Character Traits are grit, creativity, integrity, and energy/zest.

Initially, Dax was struggling with his first few years of school, especially during the pandemic. By following the Prepared Mind pillar Dax was able to focus on what he needed help with the most and get the extra help and necessary planning to help him catch up. He has grown so much in a short time and his parents were proud to see how much he grew academically. Athletic movement allowed Dax to release his excess energy and help him stay active and healthy while allowing him to focus more on his classes. You’re the best Dax!

(Fun Fact: Dax can make anybody laugh and his happiness is very infectious).

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Help us celebrate the reason we are all at Athlos – our Amazing Athlos students! Thank you for participating, and a special thanks to Dax and his family.

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