Welcome to the 31st Annual PBS Reading Marathon!

Join us as we take part in the 31st Annual PBS Reading Marathon!

This month-long  Reading Marathon invites children of preschool age through grade 6 to read at least 20 minutes a day (600 minutes total) between November 1st and 30th.
Those who complete the challenge and submit their minutes online will receive a  PBS KIDS Utah Adventure Pass, with tickets and coupons to their favorite museums, zoos, and all kinds of activities around town. Reading logs must be submitted by December 15th.

NOTE: No need to sign up or register to participate in the Reading Marathon. Download a reading log to keep track of your journey, read 600 minutes in November, then submit your child’s minutes on PBS’s website between December 1-15 to receive an Adventure Pass!

Click the link for flyers, reading logs and more info! https://www.pbsutah.org/kids/reading-marathon/

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