Announcing New Assistant Principal and New Director of Special Education and Behavior Services

Athlos Academy is excited to announce two new administrators.  Mrs. Whittaker, new Assistant Principal, is a motivated educator who uses data to differentiate educational programs for students. She has proven success in leadership, operations, and organizational development with a keen understanding of public education. She inspires team members to excel and encourages creative and positive work environments.  She said, “I am excited to return to the Athlos family and get to know all of the new faces.  It feels like I am coming home, and I cannot wait to see everyone.   I believe in Athlos and the possibilities of every person in our school – staff, student and family.  It will be a great year of exploring our strengths!  Let’s go Griffins!”  Mrs. Whittaker has two master’s degrees, a bachelor’s degree and an associate degree as a continuous lifelong learner and education professional.

Mrs. Moonsamy, new Director of Special Education and Behavior Services, is a registered behavioral professional and educator, certified in the state of Utah as a licensed therapist.  She has experience improving the lives of families and children with Special Education needs including Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Behavior Disorder, Intellectually Disabled Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorder.  She stated, “The mission of Athlos Academy stands out to me tremendously, ‘Empower students to live fulfilling, responsible and successful lives, including the three pillars of Prepared Mind, Healthy Body and Performance Character.  It is a great honor to be part of Athlos and assist the faculty and administrators in ensuring that students reach milestones that far exceed their expectations.”  Mrs. Moonsamy has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree with an emphasis on Applied Behavioral Analysis.

Mrs. Shylah Poirier resigned to become the new Special Education Coordinator for the Salt Lake City School District.  As Mrs. Poirier said, “This is a huge opportunity for me, but one that does come with great sadness in leaving the Athlos Family. This was truly one of the hardest decisions that I have had to make in my professional career, but one that I know I need to continue to learn and grow professionally.”

Mrs. Poirier will continue to support the new Director of Special Education and Behavioral Services in this transition period.  Executive Director, Sam Gibbs, said, “We are grateful to Mrs. Poirier and will miss her enthusiasm and dedication to students, staff and families.  We thank her for her service to the Athlos community.”

Please join us in welcoming back Mrs. Whittaker, congratulating Mrs. Moonsamy, and in saying goodbye and BIG GRIFFIN thank you to Mrs. Poirier!

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