Christmas Short Story Contest

All students are invited to enter into Athlos’ Christmas Short Story Contest from now until Friday, December 18th. A winner from each grade level will be picked.

Winners will earn a $10 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble.


  • All Athlos’ students may participate. A winner from each grade level K-8 will be selected (grades 7th and 8th will be combined).
  • Only one entry per person will be accepted
  • Only single author stories qualify (no co-authored stories).
  • Students may conference with parents, teachers, and/or peers on their work.
  • Entries can be fact or fiction.
  • Entries must include mention of at least one Athlos Performance Character Trait.
  • Each entry must be submitted with the signature of a parent/guardian or a teacher, confirming that the story is original.
  • Short stories may be submitted to Miss Jessica via in-person (returned to Room 305) or email (sent to by 1:30pm on Friday, December 18th.
  • Winners will be announced and rewarded Friday, January 8th.


  • Text should be printed and legible (preferably typed).
  • Short stories entered should include a title as well as the full name and grade of the student.
  • All stories should have a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 800 words.


Short stories must be submitted by December 18th and will not be returned, so please retain a copy for yourself.

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