Rachel Lee

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    January 21, 2022

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Rachel Lee

Mrs. Rachel Lee


About Mrs. Lee

Rachel “Arjay” Lee studied at the University of Utah for two years. While her husband was stationed in Alaska, Mrs. Lee finished her bachelor’s degree through the University of Phoenix. She is currently working on her master’s degree in education. This year will be her sixth year teaching and her third year teaching at Athlos Academy. Mrs. Lee was a long-term substitute teacher before being offered a permanent position at Athlos Academy as a fourth-grade teacher.
Mrs. Lee believes that all children are unique and need a supportive and stimulating learning environment to grow. “Each child has the potential to love learning,” she said. “They need to discover what drives them.” She believes that providing a safe environment where her students can feel heard and voice their ideas enables them to find joy in their education. Mrs. Lee seeks to better herself by developing new strategies for instruction and classroom management that suit her as a teacher and suit each one of her student’s different learning needs. “We accept each other’s learning difference and embrace who we are,” she concluded.

Favorite Performance Character Trait: Creativity

“When it comes to the twelve performance character traits, creativity resonates with me the most,” she said. “I believe that we use creativity in all we do, from how we style our hair to how we learn.” Mrs. Lee feels that as an educator, it is her job to find a creative approach to reach all of her students when teaching a lesson. She says that often it is the out-of-box thinking that gets through to her class as a whole. Mrs. Lee knows that we are all unique and learn in different ways. Being creative helps her find those ways.

Fun Facts about Mrs. Lee

  • She was born and raised in California.
  • Since high school, she has lived in Chicago, Arizona, and Alaska.
  • She has twins that were born an hour apart, giving them different birthdays.
  • She is passionate about reading and is in a book club.
  • Mrs. Lee loves the water and would spend all day swimming if she could.
  • One of her favorite pastimes besides reading is camping.
  • She is certified in kids’ yoga.

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