Student Spotlight – Whitley

graphic of whitley grade 4

Welcome back to all of our returning students, including Whitley!

Whitley loves the opportunity to be a leader in class and help her teachers whenever possible. Outside of school, Whitley likes to go horseback riding, ride her bike, and help in the garden. Her favorite Performance Character trait is integrity.

Whitley has grown in her ability to read and retell a story, she also has a great passion for detail in everything she does. This follows the Prepared Mind pillar. Through athletic movement, Whitley has become more athletic than she was before. She is very strong and tough. She is also willing to push herself to the max in everything she does. You are so wonderful Whitley!

(Fun Fact: Not only is Whitley super tough, but she also has a very high pain tolerance).

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Help us celebrate the reason we are all at Athlos – our Amazing Athlos students! Thank you for participating, and a special thanks to Whitley and her family.

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