Top 12 Volunteers

Ready to Volunteer?
Thank you to everyone who volunteered during the 2017-2018 school year! We couldn’t do it without the support of all the families who volunteer both in the school and at home to support the various activities and events that are put on each year!

This year we would like to recognize the top 12 volunteers with a special thank you.

Thank you to…

  • Stefanie Dennison
  • Tiana Petersen
  • Jennifer Allphin
  • Maura Sweeney
  • Deborah Quigley
  • Amanda Dalley
  • Julie Egbert
  • Jailyn Beck
  • Kristine Cummings
  • Elisa Clark
  • Sara Johnston
  • Tamara Christensen

There is a special gift for these 12 volunteers at the front office that can be picked up anytime during regular office hours.

Thanks again to all those that volunteered this year! We appreciate all you do!

-Athlos Academy of Utah PTO

(The top 12 volunteers were determined based on hours logged in the Raptor Volunteer Software.)

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