AAU Governing Board Seeks New Members

Graphic of announcement

Athlos Families,
The Athlos Academy of Utah governing board is preparing for their annual election and looking for individuals interesting in joining them in serving on the governing board.  Athlos Academy of Utah is governed by a dedicated group of individuals comprised of parents, teachers, and community members. The primary role of governing board members is to:

  • promote public understanding of the school’s mission, 
  • develop a framework for setting goals and developing strategic plans for accomplishing those goals, and
  • provide financial, academic, and governance oversight.

Board members should expect to contribute 5-10 hours of time per month, which includes time serving on a committee of the board. There are a variety of different roles on the board that will be available, and all are welcome to apply.
Please see the interest form/application, as well as a description of the roles and expectations of serving on the board.  If you are interested in applying, please submit a completed interest form and resume to the school governance specialist, Jill Turgeon, at jturgeon@athlosacademies.org. The deadline to submit applications has been extended to June 20.
The election will take place at the June meeting and will be conducted by the currently seated members on the board.  New board members will be oriented sometime in July and seated at the August board meeting.
Questions about the governing board positions may be directed to Jill Turgeon.  We appreciate your consideration of this request and all you do to make Athlos Academy a success!

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