Marisa Wilson Honored with Athlos Distinguished Educator Award

graphic with photo of Marisa Wilson saying Athlos Distinguished Educator

Kindergarten teacher Marisa Wilson was selected as the Athlos Distinguished Educator for the 2022-23 school year.  This award is given annually to individuals who exemplify quality performance in the Athlos program. The overall winner was selected from a list of nominations.  We are proud of each of our nominees for their dedication to students, families, and our school.  Award winners demonstrate excellence in their classroom, on the turf, or within their community.

Athlos Academy families submitted nominations through our spring Parent Satisfaction Survey.  Here is what parents had to say when they nominated Ms. Wilson as the Athlos Distinguished Educator:

  • She is amazing. As a kindergarten teacher with a room full of 5/6-year-olds, she seems to easily maintain authority in her classroom yet still is able to show each one of the kids that they are loved and cared for. There seems to be an increase in what is required to teach these young kids and I have been blown away by how much my child has learned this past year. Even with the amount they’re required to learn, my child still comes home letting me know how much fun they had at school. Ms. Wilson has met and exceeded every challenge that comes her way. She’s fantastic.
  • Wilson is so passionate about what she does and how she teaches her students. She really keeps them on track but also shows so much care for each one of them. She remembers faces and names and things about each person. She is proud and wants the very best for each of her students.
  • Wilson is the most sincere, competent, and fun teacher any of our kids have ever had!! I can tell that she truly LOVES her students and values them being in her class.  She creates such a fun, safe, and exciting environment to learn in. She’s truly amazing, and we are grateful that our daughter has been able to be taught by her this school year.

Athlos Distinguished Educators model a commitment to the Athlos pillars of performance and student success, Prepared Mind, Performance Character, and Healthy Body. We are proud of our staff for being lifelong learners, showing that every student matters through action and outcomes, and continuing to use data to improve instruction through Professional Learning Communities.  It is because of our team that we have experienced such a successful school year.

Thank you for your contribution to Athlos, Ms. Wilson, and congratulations again!

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