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image of two girls in front of athlos school building with text that says why choose athlos and learn why parents and students choose athlos

Learn why parents choose Athlos Academy for their children and explore what parents have to say about Athlos.

Five reasons to choose Athlos Academy include:

  1. Traditional education balancing the mind, body and character.   The Athlos Approach – Athlos Academy of Utah (athlosutah.org)
  2. Affordable before and after school program.  Doors open at 6:30 a.m. and close at 5:30 p.m.  Beyond the Bell – Athlos Academy of Utah (athlosutah.org)
  3. Free all-day Kindergarten and half-day options.  Your child is guaranteed a place in Kindergarten.  Kindergarten – Athlos Academy of Utah (athlosutah.org)
  4. Onsite tuition-based preschool.  Preschool – Athlos Academy of Utah (athlosutah.org)
  5. Award-winning educators, small class sizes, and exemplary academic growth. Athlos Academy Receives Exemplary in Growth from the Utah State Board of Education – Athlos Academy of Utah (athlosutah.org)

Read what our parents have to say about Athlos:

  • We have been an Athlos family for most of its years in Herriman. We love this school, the staff, the culture, the education.
  • I really like how the gym is set up and what they teach in gym classes. My son loves sports and comes home talking about gym all the time.
  • We like everything! It’s been great to see the improvements that have been made since the last feedback!
  • Emphasis on athletics and character, community atmosphere, extracurriculars
  • The school has been great in offering my child options to improve his reading skills and has been proactive in assuring he gets the right assistance to support his learning.
  • We love Athlos, especially the pillars.
  • We like the full child character concept; the teacher has been so positive with our child and always answers our questions.
  • I love the focus on the whole child. There are important connections between a healthy body and mind, and teaching those traits that our children need to be kind, hardworking adults.
  • The teachers, staff, and admin obviously care about my kids and I feel we work together to ensure they have the best opportunities and tools to learn.
  • We love the environment and we’ve been impressed with the pillars being taught to our student. Social learning and physical movement are valued and we absolutely love that!
  • The staff makes me and my child feel a part of a community. They’re friendly and helpful and truly care for my child.
  • The staff and our individual kids teachers have been great. Athletic training for their age and ability levels is top notch.
  • We like the after-school program, as two working parents, this makes a huge difference for us.
  • Amazing environment for students, parents and teachers/staff.
  • We like the diverse group of students and faculty. It brings a well-rounded experience to my child’s learning.
  • I love the staff they are kind, outgoing, accepting, professional, and supportive. I enjoy the atmosphere and how inclusive the students are.
  • I love how happy my son is to be going there.
  • We like the unity of the staff. The kindness of the staff with the children.


Ready to make the move to Athlos?  We have received an unprecedented number of applications for next year but seats are still available in most grades.  Apply today to secure your child’s spot at Athlos Academy.  Not sure yet and want to take a tour?  Contact an enrollment counselor here: Inquire – Athlos Academy of Utah (athlosutah.org)

Apply Today!

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