NetSmartz Online Video Presentations

Netsmartz Online Video Presentations

With the school closure, many of our students are spending additional time on devices. The internet can be wonderful for children. They can use it to access learning, communicate with teachers and other children, and play interactive games. But online access also comes with risks, like inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and online predators.

It is important that we as educators and parents are informed of online safety practices and teach and support our children in this field. We are excited to let you know Utah NetSmartz has created online videos to share with our students. These videos are tailored to specific ages to teach about digital safety, health, citizenship, and leadership in a fun, interactive way.

We cannot stress enough the importance of viewing these presentations with your children. To access NetSmartz trainings and other resources, you can visit their website at

The videos provided are broken down by grade level (K-2/3-6/7-12). The content found in these videos is usually delivered to students during assemblies during school. These videos take the place of the previously scheduled assemblies.

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