Parent Volunteers Wanted for The School LAND Trust Council


UPDATE: 4/18/22   Since the number of applicants were fewer than the number of open seats, no election was needed. As per state code, the board will have the opportunity to appoint a parent to any seat that remains vacant.

Parent volunteers are wanted for The School LAND (Learning and Nurturing Development) Trust Program. 

The School LAND Trust Program is a state program that provides financial resources to schools to enhance or improve student academic achievement and implement a component of the school improvement plan; and involves parent/guardian(s) of a school’s students in decision-making regarding the expenditure of School LAND Trust Program money allocated to the school in accordance with Utah Code. 

  • Responsibilities include meeting with the council a couple of times a year (the first meeting will be held in April). 
  • We need 3 additional parents to sit on this council.  Due date for candidates to submit applications is April 14.  
  • Candidates should email School Governance Specialist, Jill Turgeon at with a letter of interest with their full name, email address, phone number, grades of their children attending Athlos, and a statement of why they would like to be considered for the council. 
  • Parents will have the opportunity to vote on the candidates for the three positions.  Voting will take place by electronic ballot.  The link for the voting will be sent out on April 14. 
  • Voting will run from April 15-April 18. 

Interested? Please submit your letter of interest to School Governance Specialist, Jill Turgeon at by April 14 at 5 p.m. Thank you!

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